Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2015 Calling!

Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2015 Calling!

Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2015

Having a cool idea is one thing – but to transform it into a workable business model is another.  See what we have up our sleeve when you are in Amsterdam and find out how you can grow your casino revenue and gain market share in geographically segmented markets.

We’re attending the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference from June 23rd to 26th and will love to meet you.  If you are a casino or an affiliate manager, you can find out how we can help you grow your business.  Learn more about Casino Bonus Tips (CBT) and our gaming community.  We are new and full of beans!  We might just lend that breath of fresh air to your online gaming site.

CBT is the place to be if you are

  • Looking for US, UK, Canada or Australia traffic for your online casinos
  • Looking for genuine FTD’s
  • Exploring new markets
  • Looking for high quality and sustainable depositing players

We have seen great success in the last six months and we know this momentum is real and sustainable.  Having met many of you in London this January gave us a start; and since then we’ve been able to transform our meetings into successful partnerships adding high value depositors to your casinos.

If your online casino is still NOT listed on CBT, contact us via email to get reviewed and listed. We work on 40 percent revenue share with no NCO for our motivation to promote you to our subscriber base. By not being on CBT you are missing out on genuine FTDs. Contact us to build long term relationships instead of quick overnight large influx of poor traffic. Your commitment to achieve high conversation from the traffic that we send you is important to us and hence the reason we are reliant on revenue share and will love to work closely with you to a mutually rewarding relationship. Drop an email to Bikram at NOW !

We do offer premium banner, email and feature listings based on geographical targeting at a nominal FLAT FEE for branding your casino and quick exposure. Should you be interested in these branding positions, contact Bobby Garg for a meeting in person at Amsterdam Affiliate Conference or drop an email to him at !

In the words of Ed Leach, ‘Serial Entrepreneur’ and Asst. Professor, Dalhousie University, “Just show up. You never know what is going to happen.???

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