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Bonuses at Online Casinos

Your friend just can’t stop raving about the fun he’s been having at an online casino. Now you decide to give it a shot. After finding a quiet corner, you fire up the computer and look up the casino’s website. There are cool graphics and inviting games that you see. You initiate registration and make a deposit and then it happens. The online casino inundates you with its marketing spiel!

You see promotional terms that are new to you. There is a welcome bonus, free spins, a loyalty program, reload bonuses, a referral bonus and promotions for various days of the week. These are confusing terms for a novice, but worry not; gradually you will get the hang of it. 

We have consolidated some necessary information that would help you understand the ABC’s of online gambling promotions. And though you won’t feel like an expert by the time you’re done reading this blog, you won’t be a greenhorn either.


Online casinos also USA online casinos are just an extension of brick and mortal gambling houses on the web. All orthodox features usually remain the same. To understand the working of an online casino, one should have comprehension of bonus jargon.       

       1. Welcome Bonus

It is the first acknowledgement token from an internet gaming destination to the newly registered player. It is not specific and varies from brand to brand. A regular package may contain an amount ($25/50/100) with predefined wagering (betting) requirements. It may also tie to certain games or sections.

       2. Match bonus

Online casinos are generous places to be at. The Match Bonus is the red carpet for players as they are offered a set percentage on their deposits. If Adam deposits $50, a 100% match up means he’ll receive the same amount back as a bonus. This bonus is not always limited to the first deposit. Sometimes it can be enjoyed on further deposits as well.

       3. Bonus Codes

Coupon codes or Bonus codes are the combination of Alphabets and numbers (CBT123). They are critical for a player and must be treated seriously as they act as a key to unlock the bonuses offered by an online casino. Sometime they are valid on specific games.

Advantages of Bonus Codes

They let you win exciting bonuses and provide you a direct path to the bonus door. Also, they help gamblers to claim the right promotion or bonus, in case multiple bonuses are being offered.

Bonuses at Online Casinos

A little smarter way of claiming the bonus codes is by claiming it at affiliate sites. The bonuses offered through an affiliate site are often exclusive and give you something extra, either via free spins or play money. Using exclusive No Deposit Bonus Codes is a way you can get pampered with a little Extra of everything.

       4. Payout Rate

Payout rate or percentage is a critical part of an online casino jargon. It sounds very easy to guess if you’re good with arithmetic. Actually, it’s quite complex. Let us assume that Adam deposits $100 in a casino which offers a 97% payout rate. Many new players assume he’ll get $97 in return, with a maximum loss of $3. But it doesn’t work this way!

       “Payout percentage is not related to the amount of deposit you made into the casino’s account, but the payout on casino games.”

        5. House Edge

To understand house edge, you should be familiar with the concept of ratios and proportions. Online casinos keep track of ratios of the average loss to the initial bet, which is known as house edge. House edge varies from brand to brand and also from game to game. Slots typically have a higher house edge than table games.


These terminologies give players a basic understanding of how online gaming operators works. Soon, we’ll take up each of these terms and explain them in detail. The point is to turn you into an expert player!

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