Online Casino Complaints on CBT Forum

Online Casino Complaints on CBT Forum

Posts December 19, 2015

Hello Gambing Lovers,

Casino Bonus Tips is commited to provide you with best online gambling experience. If you face any issues while playing at our reviewed online casinos, just submit your problem with details in our complaints forum. We will make sure to provide the best resolution to your problem ASAP. When you are reporting an issue, please do not reply to this post and request you to create a new topic in the Complaint Section of Forum.

Reply May 25, 2017

Just wanted to warn anyone thinking about playing at Dreams Casino, that while winning there is possible, getting paid is unlikely.

Been three weeks since they called and offered me a great no rules, no max cash out deal, and I crushed it. Requested $400 withdrawal, provided every document they could think to ask me for, and can't get a single person to acknowledge my existence now.

I would appreciate any tips any members might have if they've been in the same boat, because it is extremely frustrating.

Thanks guys!



Reply March 26, 2016

Any update regarding your complaint?

Thank you.


Reply March 11, 2016

Two weeks ago I made my first withdraw and the next one a couple of days later. Several days later they still showed pending, I called and was told I had to submit a ton of paperwork, but I had never been advise of this. I explained that I had lost my wallet so they told me to send the card statement and my passport instead.

I did. Nothing. So I called again and again and I'm told that I still had to submit a second credit card I had used later, even though, had they paid me on time, it would have been before the use of that card.

At no time they informed me of anything until I would call to complain, in spite of my several emails, not one was answered. So at this point I have every reason to believe they have no intention of paying me and they just make up a new requirement every time I call to complain.

Just yesterday I was on the phone for over an hour, put on hold to be transfer to a manager, 5 times, and every time the call would drop. 

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