Sloto Cash Casino : $100 Slot Tournament

Sloto Cash Casino : $100 Slot Tournament

Posts June 02, 2017

Game: T Rex

Date: 06/04/2017

Time: 10 minutes

Credit: 10000

Add-On: 0.70 (0.35 + 0.35)

First Prize: $30

Tournament add on: $0.70
Tournament prize pool: $100

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Reply September 21, 2017


So i just finished building a pc and i go to power on. Fans spin graphics card lights up everything seems to be working fine. No beeps. Motherboard has a diagnostic LED board that is red for the CPU for about half a second on startup then it switches to DRAM but only for about 2 seconds then goes out after that no other red leds will turn on. I have tried moving ram slots around and have already double checked all of my psu connections, I have ensured there were no bent pins anywhere including the cpu. I am getting no display through hdmi on a known good monitor trying it both with the graphics card and also taking out the graphics card and trying the integrated hdmi port.

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