The Hottest Trend of the Year – live dealers online casino

The Hottest Trend of the Year – Live Dealers

The Hottest Trend of the Year – Live Dealers

And this is how it works 

What you see at any ritzy Las Vegas casino is exactly what online casinos have replicated with live dealer games. Many standard casino games played with a dealer at a land based casino are now offered by online casinos. More are being added as the trend catches fire. Blackjack, roulette and baccarat are the most common ones, but there are a few online casinos that offer Pai gow poker, Sic bo, Casino hold ‘em and even Mahjong. Craps should be coming soon too.

You can connect to live dealer games via a video link offered on websites of online casinos that offer live gaming. There, you will find tables with different stakes for each of the games. There are VIP tables for high rollers as well. You can choose the table of your liking, based on the stakes you wish to play, find a vacant spot and place your bet. Tables usually have a 3D view so you can see how the game progresses. You can expect tables with lower stakes to be full, especially if the dealer is an attractive girl.

What should be your winning strategy while playing live dealer games?

If you ask any player who is a regular on live dealer games, they will tell you the same thing. Play as you would play at a land based casino. This is because the games are no different! However, you can get an edge. If you utilize a bonus scheme offered by the online casino, you can get some free money to play with. You are unlikely to be able to do this at a land based casino! Bonus offers are often generous, because online casinos compete for players.

When you play live games at online casinos, you need to make sure that your internet connection is dependable and fast. A download speed of at least 450 kbps is a must if you want to experience uninterrupted gaming. The reliability and speed of your internet connection can especially affect your Blackjack game with a live dealer. When you are dealt cards in a blackjack game at a site without a live dealer, the system waits for you to decide your next move even if it takes you a few minutes. However, with a live dealer, you are given some time to play your move, but if after this time elapses, you do not draw, split or double; the live dealer will assume that you wish to stay and will move on to the next player. You might have ‘played’ on your PC but your move was never recognized by the system. So, the slow speed of your internet connection might cause you to lose a winning hand.

Where are the hottest live dealers?

If you slice the payout percentages of online casinos, you will find that they are pretty much the same. Live dealer or not, the house edge at almost all online casinos is similar. The live dealer experience is also very similar and that is not surprising because many casinos use the same studios to stream the games. So how do you figure out where to play? One good measuring stick is to go for the juiciest bonus on live dealer games. Stick to a casino where you find many tables occupied. A vacant place is not where you want to be at.

Our recommendations for live dealer games are 888 Live Casino, Intercasino, 32 Red Casino, Silveroak casino and Spin Palace Casino.

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