How to Always Win Blackjack Games - Split Trick, Tips & Strategies

How to Always Win Blackjack Games

Whenever I hear someone talk about Blackjack, I find their conversation worth listening to. I always wonder how they manage their cards. The player’s thoughts often become focused on questions like - Am I playing ideally or not? What should I do to beat the dealer? How do I become the most skilled guy or gal at the table? Answers to all these questions can make a huge difference while playing the Blackjack game. If you are driving on the same road, let’s begin the journey together and see how it goes.

How to Always Win Blackjack Games

Let us start with a few important Blackjack Rules

  • Aces can be counted as 11 points or as 1 point. Face and Ten value cards are counted as 10 pointers and all the remaining ones according to the card value
  • The absolute value of a hand is the total  point value of the individual cards consisting of a 10 point card and an ace  
  • The hole card is the second card which is dealt face down
  • In case the dealer goes over 21 points, then the player who didn't go bust already will win
  • If dealer’s score isn’t above 21, then the highest point total between the player and dealer will win

“All these are fundamental rules, one should always remember while playing Blackjack”

What’s My Take on Tips and Strategies

Before taking you all to the mathematical formulas and algorithms, there is a basic rule that I personally follow while playing card games. And it’s helped me tremendously. Read Blackjack Strategy for Online Casino

If you have a plan, stick to it; if not just don’t think of making an impromptu one

Dump every superstition about Blackjack

Drop everything else and start investing time in the game. It’s a serious game which requires a high degree of concentration and a mathematical mind, not a rabbit’s foot. Start with simulators primarily to improve your card counting skills as this practice can help you in rectifying your mistakes. Simulators are extremely useful in online casinos and can improve your game tremendously.

Know when to Quit

You just can't stay too long as with every passing minute the pressure rises and the probability of committing errors increases. Don't expect Jesus to repair all your damages. I always divide my money into five sets of different values every time I play blackjack. And yes, this has helped me a lot in making or choosing the right bets.

The Split Approach

Don't Split two 10s or two 5s, instead always split two 8s. I always use this and find this extremely vital specifically in an intense situation.  Trust me, it’s a great way to hedge and once you start doing it, the outcomes will be great.

The Bad Strategies

The flip side always has a part to play and sometimes it can ruin the whole show leaving you with absolutely nothing. Don’t be a victim of circumstances!

  • The Never Bust mathematics eventually increases the house edge to 3.65%
  • When a player starts following or walking in the shoes of a dealer, he/ she traps himself and as a result, the House percentage goes up to a scary 5.60%


All the above-mentioned points are an attempt to explain simply some tips about Blackjack based on my experiences. Hope these tips help you in your game.

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