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Privacy Policy

Casino Bonus Tips is committed to protecting your personal information. We have specifically created this privacy policy to provide transparency about what information we collect when you use our services on our online sites which are not otherwise publicly available. We are dedicated to safeguarding and insulating the privacy of our players. We do not advocate underage gambling; in fact we take a very strong stand against. Information presented at and services provided by Casino Bonus Tips Since are not meant for children less than 18 years of age and therefore are not permitted to register at our site.

Privacy & Security

Privacy is a fundamental possession of every being and at Casino Bonus Tips we respect your privacy and security with the utmost genuinity. It is our sincere undertaking to make sure that your privacy is intact at all times unless we are compelled by law to reveal any unlawful act of yours. We have no fortitude for criminals and cheats. Upholding your privacy is our prime concern which shall not be compromised at any stake. Importance of Collecting Information.

We collect essential information such as your contact number, date of birth, email id, residential address and other important information and all this is gathered at the time of registration. This information is very vital to update you about the latest reviews, promotions, exclusive bonus codes and any other latest services. Being updated with the latest is very critical for you to be able to match with the pace of other players. We put forward gambling services to you once all information is completed. This will also help us to assist you well on all your queries.


At Casino Bonus Tips we restrict the access to your personal information to our employees so that they can provide services in order to optimize your overall gambling experience. All accounts at Casino Bonus Tips are completely password protected.

Complaints and Support

Our main focus is to provide all the fair information regarding gambling industry. Please feel free to contact us at We value your feedbacks and will surely try our level best to further improve our services. We are grateful that you have chosen Casino Bonus Tips for your online gambling assistance. Happy Gambling!!!

Some Key Points about Your Privacy

Casino Bonus Tips will answer to court orders, legal processes, subpoenas in case it has to protect its own legal rights or to defend itself against any legal claims. In case of an investigation, Casino Bonus Tips will share information; or in case of illegal activities, it will take action and provide details to legal authorities. Casino Bonus Tips will also share information with investigating authorities if it assists them in the prevention of potential harm to an individual or individuals, in case of fraud, or its suspicion, violation of its terms of use or otherwise required by law.

We will not sell or share your personal details with third parties (companies or persons) unless you have asked for a service or product from us, or when Casino Bonus Tips is required to give out details to those who we have privacy agreements with or work with us or perform some service on our behalf. These companies may use your personal details to assist us in presenting you with promotional offers only. Casino Bonus Tips can set up and later access its cookies on your computer or electronic device. Casino Bonus Tips can allow other advertising companies, who run promotional advertisements on our website access cookies on your PC or electronic device. When they access the cookies, their use of their cookies is subject their own privacy policy. We may alter and update this policy at any time.

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