Trends To Look Out For at New Casinos 2017

Trends to Look Out For at New Casinos 2017

Talking about the latest trends in gambling on the web, you can expect quite a few this year. Constant change has always been a part of this luck + skill oriented industry. Improvements in technology will make online gaming better again this year. This could mean Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will make the games even more real than they are at the moment. Of course, as more people get on to smartphones, the mobile gaming growth curve will look better than 2016.

Let’s roll back time just a little and track our steps from the beginning. You’ve got a casino in the heart of the city and to get your hands on a game of poker or roulette, you need to make time well in advance. That was not convenient at all! Fast forwarding to just a few years ago. There you were sitting in front of your computer with the easiest door open to the gambling world, only this time via Internet.

Trends To Look Out For at New Casinos 2017

What are the Latest Trends in Casino Gambling for 2017

  1. Mobile gaming will continue on its growth trajectory
  2. Innovative promotions with emphasis on deposit bonuses will be offered to players
  3. Moreland based casinos will seek an online presence
  4. India, Brazil and Japan are likely to issue gambling legislations in favor of online gambling
  5. South East Asia will see a rewriting of the gambling growth story
  6. Land based casinos will offer more non-gambling leisure activities to attract families
  7. Lotteries and Sports Betting will see an increase in popularity as advocates move to use revenues generated from the business to fund sports leagues
  8. A few more US States like Louisiana, Georgia, Florida and Alabama could issue online gambling licenses
  9. Online Poker will slow down in Europe and North America but is likely to gain momentum in Asia and Eastern Europe                
  10. Better technologies like AR, AI, VR, FPS and Blockchain will change user experience and transaction processing in a big way

You can contain the whole world in your smartphone and online casinos aren’t any different. Mobiles are the new definition of entertainment. Multiple online casino brands offer their services via Mobile casinos and the best bonuses. If you are using Bitcoins to play, you are following the greatest trend in online gambling. As world currencies become more volatile, players look to cryptocurrencies to facilitate transactions.

Mobile Casinos

These have literary flipped the way gambling used to be. Sports’ betting on the mobile has already gained momentum and we will see a larger chunk of betting coming through mobiles this year. Better technology will assist in processing these bets instantly. Even lotto and Bingo will see a more volume via mobile because of improvements in technology. Mobile Casinos allow players to play their favorite games from wherever they are. In 2016, we saw many casinos becoming mobile friendly. They now allow players to enjoy the uninterrupted gameplay without any hassle. Ewallets and mobile banking is also a huge factor here. The convenience of transacting money on the mobile has greatly assisted in increasing the usage by customers.

More and Better Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions drive us towards an online casino. Free Spins, Free Chips, Welcome Bonus and Loyalty Programs woo us constantly. We have seen that regularly offered bonus percentage has gone up significantly in the last year or so. This is increasing the stickiness of players to a particular brand and helps operators immensely in retaining their players. The dimension of bonuses has changed and players have become extremely particular about them. It has taken the No.1 spot in a player’s checklist.

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins

2017, is going to be the year of strengthening of the Bitcoin. They offer quick and secure transactions, offer transparency and eliminate loopholes in the financial structure of the casinos. Today, multiple online gambling destinations are accepting and encouraging Bitcoin transactions for the benefit of both customers and operators.


We’ve covered a few 2017 trends in detail in this article. Look out for more in-depth analysis in our future blogs. There’s a lot happening and you shouldn’t miss out on any of it.

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